Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kids' Birthday Cake

I think I found my recipe for the kids' birthday cake. I'm making it in advance and freezing it (since I'm having the baby right before the birthday) so I'll get to taste this to make sure it's as good as I'm hoping, then I can pack it when we leave for the beach.

chocolate cake recipe


  1. Sashie's 3rd birthday cake was chocolate zucchini bundt and it turned out great. Everyone at the party loved it, even after the funny moment when my sister mused aloud, "hmmm...what are the green bits?"

  2. Ooo, what was your recipe? Were there nuts? Love the sister input there!

    I did use pecans.
    This is one of my favorite food blogs. Her recipes range from family-on-a-budget to more sublime and complicated.