About Me . . .

I am a Christian stay-at-home mom of two school-aged boys and a toddler girl.  I am committed to making lifestyle changes which will allow me to feed, clothe, and provide for my family in increasingly sustainable and natural ways.  I am gluten-intolerant (I get major stomach cramps if I eat wheat, barley, or rye) and it seems one of my sons may be as well.  I avoid processed foods and try to make everything with whole grains and ingredients, using (when possible) simple local ingredients.

Recently, my husband took a job in the Dominican Republic, at Santiago Christian School.  We moved there in July of 2012 and have had to make many changes as a family.  We are working hard to become fluent in Spanish (a concept that becomes slippery even as we improve--will we ever feel fluent in Spanish?) and to adapt to cultural differences and new ways of doing things.  We found a great church where we are very supported and we love the school family--we seem to be adapting well.

The kids seem to be thriving, this seems to be a primarily positive experience for them, which is a huge blessing.  And mom seems to be adjusting, wow, 37 years-old feels a little old for drastic changes.  I'll keep you posted!