Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Craft Idea

So after I saw what a few cheap pieces of wood, some beads, and some glitter could do for a Christmas craft (thank you, Becky), I decided to stop by to come up with one for Valentine's Day. We bought some light-weight wooden hearts (two of each pattern) and flowers and some pinky-purply beads, some even shaped as hearts. We decorated them, hot-glued two identical shapes back-to-back to the end of some fishing line, and then strung some beads on. To complete it, we glued two more identical wooden shapes to the other end. The we added the glitter. I am finding that last step quite transformational. A little glitter really takes it up a notch, I'm telling you. Happy Valentine's Day, grandparents! :)

Kid updates

The boys wanted to make something out of Daddy's newspaper. It was very amusing to watch the three of them make these "hats." Of course the boys saw complicated paper dragons online then and wanted to make those, but Daddy didn't feel like they were quite ready for those.

Abigail is as willful and demanding as she is cute these days. She pretty much has her own agenda and sticks to it as closely as possible. She has figured out how to combine words into simple sentences, which makes it possible for her to express her every whim. It was easier when we could pretend we didn't understand.

Jesse likes to "keep Abigail company" when I put on the Wiggles or Baby Einstein so I can cook dinner. He's very self-sacrificing. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hunger Games

OK, you know I rarely recommend a movie, though I do recommend the occasional book. But I just found out that one of the best books I've read in a long time is going to be a movie. Hunger Games. It's the first in a young adult trilogy, taking place in what's left after the destruction of North America. A teenage girl in a fight for her life, having volunteered in her sister's place for a brutal "game." And I know not everyone is into science fiction, but I'm telling you, this is just a good good story. I watched the movie trailer, and it looks like they did justice to the book. I don't remember when I saw a movie in the theater, but I will see this one! I wanted to give fair chance to any purists out there . . . you know you have to read the book first! So buy the book (or get it out of the library like I did), and start reading! You have two months to get it read. If you take more than two days to read it you have way more self-control than I do.