Monday, July 25, 2016

Hummingbird Nest

Hummingbird nest in front of our porch.  We'll see if anything comes of it--the opening is actually underneath, so I can't imagine how it would hold eggs.  Maybe a wind storm tipped it over?  It was built while we were gone.

Summer Pictures

I thought I'd put some summer photos of the kids on my blog (a few of my readers let me know it has been too long)!  Here are just a few of the highlights from our trip to the U.S.

Abigail's Birthday:

Hiking Trip:

Polo game:

 NYC Trip

Right before our fountain shot, which Owen says is the fountain from "Elf" (favorite Christmas movie), we had to wait in a big crowd while they filmed a fake shooting.  It was a little bizarre, especially explaining what was going on to Abigail.  "Well, they're making a grown-up movie and someone's going to get shot in the movie and the police are going to come, but it's all pretend, they're not really shooting anyone. . . No, there's no bullets.  Yeah, not a movie we'd let you see, don't know which one.  Those people are acting, they're not scared, they're all pretending."

The Lion King:

Look!  The Davis family with Simba!!

Some of these pictures aren't so good; we had a cheap pre-pay phone for while we were there that didn't take the best pictures.

Hope your summer is going well!  We had fun and we're happy to be back home!

Ant Attack (Again)

We came back to a host of ants trouping into the house--a troubling problem, until you figure out where they're coming from.

But I found them!  In my compost heap.  I turned over the soil and they were everywhere, transporting their little white eggs to safety in a flurry of activity.  So there goes my untreated compost, because I doused them with "organic" bug spray.  I don't think I'd believe that "organic" thing in the U.S., but I definitely don't here.  Supposedly it breaks down after a while, so we won't get two heads if I grow kale in that soil later.

The problem is that the ants mean business here.  They just take over the whole garden until I go after their nest.  My adding to the compost is, in effect, just feeding time for the ant colony.

Sometimes (when you see thousands and thousands of ants swarming, for example) a good bug spray feels like the way to go--even if one is fundamentally opposed to chemical sprays as a rule.