Monday, July 25, 2016

Ant Attack (Again)

We came back to a host of ants trouping into the house--a troubling problem, until you figure out where they're coming from.

But I found them!  In my compost heap.  I turned over the soil and they were everywhere, transporting their little white eggs to safety in a flurry of activity.  So there goes my untreated compost, because I doused them with "organic" bug spray.  I don't think I'd believe that "organic" thing in the U.S., but I definitely don't here.  Supposedly it breaks down after a while, so we won't get two heads if I grow kale in that soil later.

The problem is that the ants mean business here.  They just take over the whole garden until I go after their nest.  My adding to the compost is, in effect, just feeding time for the ant colony.

Sometimes (when you see thousands and thousands of ants swarming, for example) a good bug spray feels like the way to go--even if one is fundamentally opposed to chemical sprays as a rule.

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