Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Farewell, Philly Urban Homestead

So we officially fly out in two weeks.  We're eating out of tupperware, we're eating--frankly--anywhere we can but here, the kids are playing with cardboard boxes and misfit toys that were not good enough to make the move, we're really hot (we shipped most of our fans), we're really grumpy and tired (ok, we're tired, I'm grumpy), the house is still a nightmare from which we hope to awake in Santiago, and we're having to say goodbye to everyone we love.  Not the easiest month we've had.  But God is good!  We're almost there!

We took these pictures for their sakes . . . so they could remember . . . 

Funny how we never took pictures of our house until we were leaving really (besides the one for Micah's baby book, because it had a blank that said, "Here's a picture of the house we lived in when I was born").

We planted that tree seven years ago--time flies!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raised by Wolves . . .

As I've been packing I've taken to saying that my children are being raised by wolves.  Here's the photographic evidence.

The kids in the entertainment console (no TV in there anymore to get in the way)

Abigail got into the piles of hand-me-downs I was sorting . . .

Jesse and Abigail dressed as superheroes!

Meanwhile, Mommy was busy getting all this in boxes!

Almost done . . .