Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flower Craft

I promise this picture isn't posed, though it totally looks like it.  I came down the stairs and found Micah like that, waiting to go to the office to get his dad (and deliver his flower craft).  So I of course told him to stay like that while I got the camera.  The craft was cute, from some Family Fun magazine or something.  You cut edges on a paper plate (an odd number), then start on the back of the plate with the yarn (tape it) and make the spokes (then tape the other end of the yarn on the back).  Get a new piece of yarn in another color and tie it in the center, then start weaving over and under each piece of yarn to gradually coil outward.  we switched colors partway through, twice, actually, 'cause we're exciting like that.  Anyway, Micah could do it himself and Jesse could tell me that he could do it himself.  It was a nice stay-at-home-day craft.  Thought I'd share in case any other crafters out there want to try it.

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