Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Easy and Tasty Dinner Idea in 20 minutes!

We were sent home from a barbeque with a leftover steak and some grilled squash for Memorial Day.  Then last night I sauteed some other veggies and had some broccoli rabe and asparagus left over.  So tonight for a lovely 20 minute leftover twist dinner I boiled pasta (brown rice), drained most of the water, added the veggies and 2/3 of the steak all cut into small pieces, added part of a small fresh tomato, and sprinkled it with a little salt and parmesan cheese.  It was really good and REALLY easy and did not involve much time in my hot kitchen.  Just thought I'd pass the idea along now that we are in the season of grilling.  Yum!


  1. Is that a piece of steak I see hiding under the noodle? =).

  2. It is in fact a real piece of steak. I cut the rather large organic steak into enough small pieces to milk 2 meals out of it for the fam. :)