Wednesday, June 16, 2010

36 weeks . . . one month to go (but who's counting?)

Someone, whose identity shall be protected, but revealed herself in a comment recently, asked me to post a pregnancy picture.  Hilariously, this proved harder than it should have.  Owen thought the whole "Val posing in the living room thing" was just a little too forced and unnatural.  But as we have not been taking any pictures of me pregnant this time, and in case the baby book calls for one (at least one of the other ones did), and in case any of my readers feel cheated that I have posted nary a pregnancy photo, here it is . . .

Again, the only impressive thing about this picture is that it took about 15 tries to find one just decent like this.  The first time we tried, with Owen standing above me (since he's a foot taller), I looked comically short and fat.  We really had to work with photo angles, because my self-esteem was not strong enough to handle the results of our first eight or ten attempts.  So there it is, pregnant Val.  :)