Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fight for Right to Photograph Farms! (Really!)

State legislatures nationwide are considering bills to make it illegal to photograph farms.  While may seem like a little thing, it's one more alarming step in the wrong direction.  It could only distance people from their food supply and make it easier for industrialized food to do whatever they want (translate: whatever creates food for the least amount of money, no matter the environmental or health impact).

If you want to raise animals in inhumane conditions, you certainly don't want people coming in with cameras--pictures of sick cows covered in their own manure will hardly sell more burgers this summer.  But I fail to see the benefit to the animals or the consumers in helping big farms hide these conditions from the public.  Smaller farmers, raising animals in humane conditions, are welcoming photographers onto their farms to take pictures.

Consider signing the following petition from SlowFoodUSA: Keep it legal to photograph farms!

Transparency is always a good thing when trying to keep big business "honest"--or in trying to shift things that direction.

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