Monday, June 13, 2011

The Graduate!

So while I must confess that I do find a preschool graduation a rather amusing concept (they sure weren't doing that when we were little--and did my parents even go to preschool?), it was a little insane to watch Micah switch over to school-aged.  He's already very excited for kindergarten, and I guess I'm ready for it . . . we'll see.  I've heard it's harder than I think it's going to be.  Meanwhile, we're embarking on "Mommy Camp" this summer, because we're not doing any camps this summer and because this is the last summer I'll have them all before they get to school and their parents lose mucho influence to peers and teachers.  It's also probably one of the last summers anything like "Mommy Camp" could sound remotely appealing.  I'll post more about it in another post.

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