Monday, June 13, 2011

The Greens Have It

From left to right: swiss chard, redbor kale, white russian kale, bok choy (pac choi on the packet), and broccoli rabe
We're starting to harvest the greens now.  The arugula is over, it went to seed.  The lettuce is finally thriving (we've got multiple salads out there waiting for harvest, hilariously I have to use up the lettuce I bought first).  And the kale and swiss chard is actually looking big enough that I feel like I can pick it.  I'm really excited that my broccoli rabe is filling out, it looked a little peaked for a while.  I used the above greens and cooked them in bacon grease with mushrooms and we ate them beside our bacon, arugula, mushroom pizza last weekend.  Pretty amazing, I must say.  It'll be really exciting to have enough of each of those to make a monochromatic side of just broccoli rabe or bok choy, for example.  The distinct flavor of each green is lost in a mixed bag greens saute.  Still, it was an exciting first step.  And Abigail has been eating our steamed kale and swiss chard this week, which will hopefully help her slightly low iron levels.  I can't wait until the garden gets to the point where I can wander outside at 4:00 to see what I find for supper.  What's your favorite part of the spring harvest?

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