Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Mediterranean Fruit Garden

A dramatic side angle shot of the new space.

So, some of my readers (well, OK, one that I know of) thought that the chopping down of the butterfly bush a few entries back was very sad.  And I realize that I have been neglecting the flowers for the vegetables these days--but I am happy to show the end result for a little corner garden next to my patio out back.  The aforementioned butterfly bush used to stand where the fig tree is now featured above.  [On a side note, I do expect the fig tree will not remain a large upright twig as time passes.]  The bush used trail over into the kids' sandbox and onto the backs of our heads while we sat at the patio table.  The new sleek Mediterranean fruit gardenette is both beautiful, less crowding, and--we hope--richly fruitful.  The rhubarb, which thankfully survived the tree/bush removal, has much more room now, and looks lovely between the fig tree and grape vine.  And the flower gifts I got from my sweet Easter guests look wonderful in front.  An edger and a little mulch (thank you Owen, another item from his Spring break list) and . . . viola!

The daisy close-up.

Micah gives it his seal of approval.

Micah actually found FIGS on our stick of a fig tree!  We are beside ourselves with excitement . . . that is, Micah and I are.

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  1. So Mom let me know that those can't be figs, since we haven't had any flowers yet. Right, that makes sense.