Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Easiest Dinner Ever . . . Tomato Walnut Pesto

I first ate this recipe at a friend's house.  It was very good, and she shared that we would never believe how little time she spent making it.  Today I wanted to try a meat-free meal and so I called her up for the recipe (which I'm doubling below).  It took me a total of three minutes to make.  Thanks, Jen!
Tomato Walnut Pesto  
Combine in a blender:
2 cups tomato (diced, sauce, fresh)
2 cups walnut
1-2 cloves garlic (or more, if you want)
splash of olive oil
Serve at room temperature over hot pasta (you don't even need to cook it!!!), unless you're using fresh tomatoes, in which case you might want to briefly cook it.
Considering that it is as fast as frying an egg, this is an amazing recipe.  It was especially easy since I had leftover pasta in the refrigerator.  Try it next time you're feeling both lazy and wanting to pull out a new and interesting recipe.  Owen gave it rave reviews!  (A good friend mentioned that there is an inverse relationship between how much time you spend cooking and how good others find them--definitely true here.)


  1. Can't wait to try this tomato/walnut/pesto concoction. I bet it would be good on chicken & rice too. (If you are looking for a dinner that would use up the absurd amount of meat in your freezer :)

  2. It would--but it would be VERY filling (I found this pesto to be surprisingly rich, along the lines of a very cheesy dish).