Saturday, April 2, 2011

Allergy Update

I realize that I left some people hanging with the Jesse allergy situation.  I asked for prayer, and then I never gave a follow-up with the results.  So here they are:
  • The GI doctor was wonderful, and confirmed what I thought, that Jesse does not have any serious problem in this area--he did not think Jesse needed the Miralax (which is good, since he is allergic to it) and didn't think Jesse needed to be seen again.  
  • The allergist found no food allergies (I was really praying that Jesse would not have any nut or serious food allergies, this was a huge answer to prayer).  He is, however, allergic to dust mites (or, as he understands it, little tiny dust mice).  This explains why me changing all of his bedding to cotton and taking all of his stuffed animals out of his bed (because I thought he was allergic to petroleum) brought major relief temporarily (until new dust gathered), but why it didn't solve the problem.  The diagnosis seemed to rather puzzle the allergist, because Jesse's reactions were so extreme and out of no where.  He did say that probably a Miralax allergy triggered the extreme histamine response he had.  
I wanted to make sure that I did give an update and thank people for their prayers and support.  It was a really stressful and emotional couple of months there.  Jesse still has some red under his eyes (especially if he hangs around cuddling in blankets or playing with stuffed animals or around carpet too much), but it's much more under control.  And we're learning helpful tips, like: sticking pillows or wool blankets or stuffed animals in the freezer for a day will kill the dust mites.  Plus we got the mattress wraps and whatnot.

I feel so thankful that we know what the allergy is, that Jesse can continue to eat normally (and eat those healthy nuts), and that I had the satisfaction of hearing the allergist say that Jesse was most likely allergic to Miralax.  That was satisfying since I was sure he was, and yet every doctor I talked to basically told me that if Jesse was allergic to Miralax, then they were a monkey's uncle. 

God really got us through that.  I had to give up after a while and admit that I just couldn't figure it all out and I just had to lean on God to take care of Jesse.  I have learned to pray more and have less confidence in my ability to solve my children's problems on my own.  God also gave us wonderful and supportive friends and family to love and encourage us.  Thank you!

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