Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look Out . . . Here Comes Trouble!

Hmm, which one do I want?
Abigail's been dabbling in crawling for a while now.  She could move a few feet with some pretty fascinating moves to get something of particular interest--like paper, to eat.  But today for the first time Abigail crawled out of the living room and into the dining room--a total of about 20 feet.  It took her a while.  First she made her way over to a lamp and got into trouble with that.  Then she played with a cowboy hat.  But eventually she made it all the way over to the play area in our dining room.  And today she finally caught on to the basics of crawling so that it could actually be termed crawling.  She looks a little hilarious and gets a little angry at times about the slippery pants on the floor problem, but she can get around.  She's combining this skill with her other recent accomplishment of pulling up to standing.  We're in for it now . . .

You have totally been holding out on the good toys!