Sunday, February 13, 2011

Light and Momentary Troubles

Over the past two weeks:

  • Abigail got a bad cold that started with a fever of 103,
  • Abigail was teething and fussy and stopped eating solid food,
  • Jesse went to a GI doctor again,
  • Jesse got a referral to an allergist for his severe eczema to see if he has a food allergy,
  • Jesse got the stomach flu,
  • Jesse developed hives in his eczema (food allergy looking likely),
  • Jesse fell off of the ladder at the playground today and needed four stitches at the ER,
  • and Val and Owen are tired.

The funny thing is, though I am as prone to bouts of self-pity as the next girl (or even more so), I have to say that we have been so blessed through all of this.  There were so many mercies mixed in with the suffering:

  • Abigail slept well at night through most of her teething and sickness--and though her naptimes were pretty bad at times, she has remained remarkably pleasant,
  • Abigail has been more than happy to nurse to make up for the solid food she's not eating,
  • Jesse got a great report from the GI doctor--it's not looking like there's a problem after all,
  • Jesse's doctor immediately suggested he may have a food allergy before I even started my arguments for the battle to convince him that I had planned,
  • No one else got the stomach flu, and it's been a while at this point--and Jesse getting the stomach flu and going back to simple foods may actually help us identify his food allergy,
  • The staff at the hospital was great and helped us amazingly quickly, Abigail slept two hours through the entire Emergency Room time and it was at a time when she ordinarily wouldn't have taken a nap at all, Jesse held up better than I would have guessed he could and isn't in pain,
  • and Val and Owen are feeling thankful.

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  1. Great outlook! I pray you are all better soon!