Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cotton Sock Bear

Jesse with his new bear
Jesse has had bad eczema, an itchy red rash with occasional hive-like bumps, and allergy "shiners," which are red, baggy circles around/under his eyes.  One day last week he also had what we think was the beginning of an anaphylactic reaction.  So we're taking him to an allergist in March, but in the meantime we're trying to figure out patterns for this rash.

I think I've virtually guaranteed that Jesse won't end up having a petroleum allergy.  First of all, it's really rare, so it was unlikely in the first place.  Second of all, as soon as you go to the trouble to get a new pillow and make a stuffed animal made of cotton (all of his were polyester, as were his fleece blanket and fleece "lovie")--you can pretty much guarantee that it was for nothing.  :) 

Yesterday evening was basically devoted to that bear.  As Owen was alarmed to notice, it was made primarily of two pairs of his brown socks and two of his undershirts ripped up for the stuffing.  I made it up as I went. 

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  1. Living for a few more months in a super-non- petroleum world just may cure up that prob. forever. ..no??

    Is that a patch of blonde whiskers on the bear's huge upper lip! Kewt!!

    and a big hello from Aly! (weaning off the 'aunt,' and that's the way it's spelled :)