Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beach in a Bag

This is a less than impressive craft idea, but it was fun for the kids to make and got them excited for the beach!  My oldest son wanted me to think of a craft, and for whatever reason I came up with this.  We took a small amount of sand from our sandbox and then put it into ziploc bags.  Each child chose a color of food dye and we put in a few drops to make red and yellow sand.  I sent Micah into the backyard to pick sea shells out of the sandbox (we always stick some in there when we get back from the beach each year) and find some seed pods or pinecones.  We added these.  Then I gave them each a cork and a pile of noodles and beans (the noodles and beans are less thematic, but they were thrilled to color the noodles with markers and pretend that they were little crabs or sea dwelling I-don't-know-whats).  I then sealed the bags and put packaging tape on them. 

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