Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dinner Tonight

I was excited.  Between the local grass-fed beef burgers, fries made from local potatoes, and the toppings (sauted mushrooms, lettuce, and greenhouse local tomatoes) all local . . . the only "grocery store" parts of the meal were the ketchup (I toyed with the idea of making some but ran out of time), mayo, and wheat rolls.  It was pretty cool.  We've been doing really well at Clark Park on Saturday mornings lately, they have a great selection, and I've been getting a lot of things from a farmer that lives near my parents. 
Can't wait for the farmer's markets to open closer to my house!


  1. There is a farmers market at the Piazza in Fishtown on Saturdays. That may be a little out of the way though...

  2. No, I'd definitely drive to Fishtown for fresh stuff. I've actually been driving to Clark Park on Saturdays, and they have a playground Owen can take the kids to. As soon as they open the markets near my house I'll probably ditch that one. :)