Monday, May 10, 2010

Stir Fry Brainstorming/Garden Clean-up

So I needed to thin some radishes, pull broccoli rabe that was spindly and bolting, pull out last year's kale to make room for squash, and I pulled a pea shoot and a few arugula plants.  I washed and trimmed everything into bite-sized pieces and have them with a little water in a bowl.  I'm thinking of adding some tomatoes, asparagus (both local, yeah!), cashews, spring onions, sesame seeds, chicken . . . and making a stir-fry to serve over rice noodles.  And I have bean sprouts growing on my windowsill I can put in.  Ooo, and I have a few leftover mushrooms.  If anyone can think of anything else, let me know for next time!  :)


  1. What kind of bean do you use for your home grown sprouts?

  2. I use mung beans, but you could use soy beans, too. The mung beans make smaller sprouts, but they're tasty and only take 5 days to make (soak overnight and then rinse once a day for 4 days--eat day 5 or they start to turn into plants).