Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Urban Gardening

So, I'm really into trying to garden all around my house in North Philadelphia. I've got tomatoes tucked between azaleas and in corners and near fences; I've got cantalopes outside my kitchen window; I've got tiny patches of spinach and lettuce and broccoli rabe (that last one's a shot in the dark); I bought 25 strawberry plants online and have them in between flowers, in pots, and all around; I bought 3 blueberry bushes (I was scammed, though, and had to call to get some of my money back--they told me I'd get 15-20 lbs of berries per bush as early as this year, and then these tiny sticks came in the mail; I cleared a big space for them, they look slightly hilarious); I bought 3 raspberry vines (I honestly think they might be dead, I'm giving them 2 weeks more) from the same reputable online plant store; and I am growing green beans along fences. Oh, and a tiny bit of swiss chard from seed (survival looks unlikely) and onions from bulbs. Anyway, trying to go green. I made the unhappy discovery this morning (after reading In Defense of Food) that Produce Junction does not sell local produce. I mean, obviously in Philadelphia in the winter and early spring there's not anything growing (except apparently potatoes, according to a National "What's growing in your area" site I looked at this morning). But I had thought that in the summer their stuff would be local. According to the guy who answered the phone there this morning, only corn and some few other things are local. Too bad. Hope my garden yields a ton!

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