Friday, May 15, 2009

Nature in North Philly

House Wren!!! It was at my window, but I scared it to this location above the power line trying to get a picture of it. Amazing, isn't it? It's not a sparrow or a robin or a cow bird . . . usually the only things we see here. Though I did see and hear a woodpecker the other day when I was out walking. And a neighbor told me there's raccoons across the street behind the abandoned house. And Micah and I saw little salamanders or newts or something across the street in the yard after the neighbor kids picked up a big rock and screamed "SNAKE!" And a robin or some other bird built a nest on our porch. Which is a slight problem because it's right near where we hang our wind chimes in the summer. I put them out today while the mother bird was away from the nest because it's not windy and I figured it would be easier for the mother to get used to when she gets back if it wasn't making any noise. Unfortunately, the only way I could reach the hook was by using a broom and then I couldn't get the broom back down. So I may have created the equivalent of a scarecrow for robins.

Maybe after Owen gets home and takes the broom off the hook the mother and wind chime can coexist peaceably.

Anyway, it just goes to show you, you don't have to live on a farm or in the woods to see all kinds of wildlife.

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  1. Hey Val! It's too bad your porch ceiling isn't a little lower -- if it was, every time the wind blew, you could get your porch swept. =)

    I like your blog, because now I can see pictures of what I hear on the phone.