Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Micah's back . . . and everything stinks!

Well, we are thankful to God that the surgery is over and that Micah is healthy. That's him with Turtie the Turtle and his balloon (surgery loot), eating pancakes, and complaining that everything stinks. I guess an unfortunate side effect of surgery is the stinky smell in his sinuses. He feels very oppressed by everything stinking. I explained that it's from the surgery, so now he says his surgery stinks and he doesn't like it. So the adnoid removal was pretty standard. Their exploring with a camera showed that Micah has a slightly floppy epiglotus (sp?), which could account for the croup. Unfortunately, they can't do anything about that but said that 99% of the time kids outgrow it. Micah was very brave at the hospital. He didn't complain at all about not eating or drinking, even when every adult we encountered seem to ask in front of him if he'd had anything to eat or drink since midnight the night before. He just said, "We're not eating breakfast today" and somehow accepted my explanation that we were going to wait until we got home. He asked if they'd give him a shot, but didn't seem to care.

We were actually smooth sailing until he had to get into hospital pajamas. He didn't see the necessity, and he didn't like that he had to wear no undies underneath. He did offer to wear them over his clothes, but I told him I didn't think that would do it. We watched HOURS of kid tv. First in a crowded waiting room, then in a private curtained "room." You know the day is getting long when you get excited that Barney's coming on (believe me, there's a whole slew of worse shows to pick from). So we mostly watched tv for 4 hours (8:10 to noon). Around 10:30 some woman came in to explain that they'd put a mask on him with laughing gas when he went back, put a tube down his throat after he fell asleep but try to get it out before he woke up, and they'd put an iv in his arm. I think she was honestly about to go into the risks of anesthesia and how there was a small chance he could die during surgery. But after having had her ignore all my quick MmmHmm's and eye contact signals (and Micah curling up into a fetal position) I asked if this conversation could take place somewhere not in front of Micah. So Owen went to sign the CYA papers for the surgery, and Mommy was left to try to comfort Micah after he had gotten an earfull.

Mommy was pretty angry. Mommy had to climb up in the tiny bed with Micah to get him in there since he was (after all that) terrified about what was going to happen to him after he fell asleep. After a while they came to give him "silly syrup" which was supposed to take effect in 10 min. and have him zooed out. 45 min. later Micah was wondering why there were 3 puppets on Barney with only 2 children actors. And he wanted to know if we were just going to stay in the hospital (it sure felt like it). He was definitely a little buzzed perhaps, but way too aware. Thankfully, we had to wait a really long time (aka, "a few minutes," hospital time). By the time they wheeled him off he was too drugged to sit up. After a quick lunch and a cry Owen and I went back up to wait. They called me back right away while Owen got some perspective talking to a dad of a 10 year-old who'd been in and out of the hospital since he'd contracted meningitis at 8 days old. HE told us that there's always a kid worse off than yours to keep you from feeling too bad for yourself. Micah was swollen and completely hysterical when he woke up. But a few minutes and two popsicles later he was a little better. Grandma had us pick up Turtie in the gift shop, so that helped. We watched more tv, then left for home. Then we watched more tv at home. Micah was much more interested in food than they had made it seem like he'd be. Smoothies, soup, frozen banana, apple juice, popsicles. He woke up this morning pretty much himself. Except, of course, that everything stinks!

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