Saturday, May 16, 2009

OK Termites, you started it . . .

We seem to have prepared Micah well for a future occupation in the pest control field. He can spot a termite anytime, anywhere. And at our house lately, that's everywhere. The houses on our block near us have pretty much all been "swarmed." These little flying ant looking guys are so invasive. Micah found them in his bedroom this afternoon after his nap, leading us on our third big counterattack mission. In the past we'd run for the phone to call the exterminators, but now we wait for that until an all-out slap fest. We probably killed 200 of them this afternoon (but who's counting). Micah used to be scared, but now he's primarily wound up every time and has invented a termite marching action that I think will prove highly effective. Wow, more nature in North Philly. It's amazing. It actually does feel exciting and alive to have so much plant and bug and animal activity here after a very cold, dark, dead-feeling winter. I just hope the termites don't eat our wood floor we finally got repaired from their last attack.
Termites . . . we'll be back!

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