Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homemade Confectioner's Sugar

I stumbled onto this in lazy desperation (probably I could have tracked down confectioner's sugar somewhere in Santiago when I needed it, but checking two places is just about my limit for anything).  So I read somewhere about blending or grinding regular sugar with tapioca flour.  And then I went for just the sugar, and I used my coffee bean grinder, and wow, it's perfect!  Just sugar in a coffee grinder for a few seconds does it.  My favorite part is that I can use natural unrefined sugar to make it.  I mean how high-end does that sound, right?  Unrefined confectioner's sugar.  I'm sure it would cost a fortune.  While here, in the D.R., it's actually cheaper to buy unrefined sugar, called azรบcar crema.

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