Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mosquito Attack!

I don't know what is going on, because we have screens and haven't had much problem before tonight, but we just killed close to 100 mosquitoes, literally, mostly all in our living room.  They're landing on the walls, and sometimes we're killing two at a time with both hands.  Our living room floor is littered with mosquito carcasses, and our walls have mosquito marks on them.  We just drained a plant in the corner that had standing water in it, could that really have been the culprit?  The weird thing is that we really didn't get bitten much at all.  And that we seem to have gotten it back under control.  I can only find a few visible anyway after an intensive mosquito killing hour as I search the house.  It's too creepy, though.

Pray for us, that the mosquito infestation ends!

I killed a lot of mosquitoes on this Matilda library book.


  1. Just a follow-up: It was way better by the time we went to bed Friday night. I think they must have hatched in the living room somewhere!

  2. yuk!!! I'm going to pray for you about this. Mosquitos are the single most evil thing to me!