Friday, October 5, 2012

Finishing Touches

This little end-table was refinished to match our dining room  table and given a new top (the other one was lost in shipping), originally made by my grandfather.

Homemade curtains: We need every puff of wind we can get, so the creative twist is the best option.  

My birthday gift, painted by the husband of a teacher at Owen's school.

My other birthday gift, from IKEA (well, we said it was, but we just needed a chair for the living room). 

Mother and daughter craft: My mom bought me the butterflies when she was visiting.  They're a local craft made from coconut shells.  We braided nine strands of twine and hot glued the butterflies onto it.  If my walls weren't all tile in the bathroom I may have mounted them individually, but . . . they are!

It's finally coming together!  I have to say, these little touches just make it so much homier!

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