Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Tour: Part One

The home tour has been delayed by bare walls.  It turns out it's no small feat putting screws into concrete (and involves something called a hammer drill, of all things).  But I cannot condone presenting rooms as finished with bare walls.  I mean, hello, we are faithful Design Star watchers and that sort of nonsense gets you voted off week one.  So here are living room, foyer, mini-office, and Abigail's room.  We'll get the other two thirds covered later.  We are awaiting anchors to hang some more frames.  These pictures would be better in daylight, but then the kids are awake and nothing looks nearly as good.  :)

Living Room, featuring the IKEA couch the purchase of which in Santo Domingo almost made me ready to move back to the states.

The kids' nook I promised the boys in this little corner of the living room.

Our rocker from the states with the used bookshelf I bought here.

Powder room near foyer.

The foyer looking into the dining room.

The foyer facing the hallway to the bedrooms.

Abigail's room, view one.

Abigail's room, two.

Abigail's room, three.
More to come!

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