Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's a Whale of a Taggie!

Well, I'm finished with my latest taggie, and I think it came out really cute!  :)  I stayed up late to finish it and I'm pretty grumpy today as a result . . . but, hey, all in the name of art, right?  I've been making taggies as baby gifts ever since they became Jessie's obsession, but lately I've tried (occasionally, usually because someone has a girl and I have boy colors--necessitating something to make it look less like a boy's blanket) to personalize it a little with a design.  Anyway, this might be my favorite so far.


  1. hey val,
    i have no idea what a taggie is (must be a secret code amongst parents). but this is so great! you're so crafty.....i'm looking forward to getting back into mosaicing, but also need a new craft hobby
    love, deb h

  2. A taggie is a blankie, lovie, whatever you call the thing kids sleep with. :)