Friday, January 8, 2010

Post Holiday: Surviving Stomach Flu


So my long blogging silence began in part because we were gone for most of the holiday visiting family and having a great time down South.  It continued because our first week back to normal has been defined by all manner of foulness in the form of the stomach flu.  I did 8 loads of laundry this week just because of vomit (we changed sheets so many times the night Micah came down with it that I lost count).  Owen got it (mid-Micah-spewing) and they basically took turns.  They were so violently ill (Micah for number of times throwing up in a row and Owen for duration) that I became convinced that it must be food poisoning (a comforting theory only in that that would mean Jesse and I wouldn't get it). 

But last night IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM, the doctor there said that the stomach flu can't last this long.  Yes, we had to take Owen to the emergency room last night after he passed out due to dehydration, hitting the floor so hard our neighbors heard it.  OK, we do live in a double, so they were right on the other side of the wall, but still, it was loud.  (And he broke his glasses, for which I am saddened, I love them.)  Thankfully, our neighbors were then willing to babysit and help Owen down the stairs to the car.  After two bags of saline (and three long hours) in the emergency room, he was looking better. 

By tonight, the three sickies are all reasonably hydrated, with Jesse and Micah acting like themselves and Owen acting like someone who hasn't really eaten in four days.  I sincerely hope that the flu is done with our family and will not spread to our loved ones and all of the families of Micah's classmates.  I'd give our house a wide berth for at least another few days, if you live near us!

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