Thursday, January 28, 2010

Davis Family Update

According to recent figuring, the Davis family, as a clan, has been sick for a total of a month.  This means that for a solid month either someone was sick, someone was recovering from being sick, or someone was on the verge of getting sick (even if we didn't realize it).  Here's some highlights from the last month: 
  • Micah (after a false attempt a week earlier involving him throwing up right in front of the restaurant we were leaving) got a wicked stomach flu and threw up eight times over night. 
  • Owen joined him partway through the night. 
  • Jesse joined several days later.  That night Owen ended up at the ER with dehydration. 
  • The next day Val caught a bad cold from sleep deprivation which lasted almost a week. 
  • A few days later Micah got a horrible cold, which involved mild fever, the nebulizer, and a pink eye (it was viral pink eye and involved stress and a missed school day but never turned into anything serious enough for medication). 
  • A few days later, Jesse started and got the same symptoms plus an ear infection.  [Right after that, the boy we babysit for caught it and developed bronchitis, an ear infection, and mild pink eye, poor child caught in the house of contagion.] 
  • Before Jesse fully recovered from the ear infection, I, Val, was up with a terribly sore throat and unable to sleep.  This developed into a kind of laryngitis. 
  • Owen joined a day later. 
  • Val and Owen had three awful days and are finally recovering. 
  • Micah has caught it. 
I am happy to report that the family was vaccinated against all flus this year.  Don't know how we'd survive a round of that next.


  1. Hope you guys will all be better real soon!

  2. Thanks, Kim, me too! How are you feeling?