Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mission Home Selection: Success!

What a crazy, packed weekend Abigail and I just had.  We left on Thursday morning, traveled all day, and arrived in Santiago around 9:00.  A brief drive and "tour" from the window of the car, some really good soup, and it was already 10:00.  Officially Abigail's latest bedtime.  :)

We stayed with friends from Owen's new school and they had a full and well thought-out schedule for us.  Incredibly, Abigail, who is usually very clingy and suspicious of any separation from her mother, spent much of the weekend with Anne, and had a great time playing with her five year-old daughter.  Lots of dolls. 

I visited the school while Abigail slept and played dolls, and then we all looked at some apartments together.  This was the first one they showed me and I really loved it immediately.  Having been told that this was one of the quietest nooks of the city, and that it was the only place they could find where I could garden, I was prepared to love it.  But there was a light, warm feeling in the house (perhaps a result of some seriously bright yellow walls, which I think are perfect), and I could really see living there.  I looked at two more places after this, but mostly just to be responsible.  :)

Most of the pictures I'm posting are pictures of the balconies and views from them.  I bought the plants on the balconies from the current owners.  Too pretty!  And I mean, hey, maybe they shouldn't have made the budget, but really . . . how can I not have tropical plants on my balconies?!

Below is a picture of land the owner (who lives on the bottom floor of the house we'll live in) is using for a garden--it's also the view from my front balcony.  He has plantains and bananas growing there.  He got permission for me to garden on the land behind his.  (Yeah!)

Here's an indoor picture, and I did actually buy the table and chairs, too.  But you'll have to wait until I get all moved in before you get pictures of the house.  Right now another family is living in it.

On Saturday we took a whirlwind beach trip to Cabarete, a beach an "hour" away (two hours away, American time).  To get there we drove through the mountains, which were spectacular.  This picture was taken while the car was moving.  I'll get better pictures when we go next time!

Then I chased Abigail all over the beach.  The water and sand were beautiful, but I must say, chasing a one year-old around and keeping her from drowning felt very much the same as it does in New Jersey.  I did find two sand dollars (which later got crushed on my plane trip home) to show Micah and Jesse.

My trip was great.  I loved the people I met and I love the house.  And, really, that was mostly the point.  It really does feel like God is going ahead of us and paving a way for us.  I was seriously overwhelmed by all of the things I still need to do and buy and plan for . . . but I'll write about some of that another time.  I'll leave you with a tranquil beach picture instead.  :)

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