Friday, May 6, 2011

Garden Update

Clematis growing over the raspberries.

Raspberries looking good.

Strawberries getting ready.

They've more than doubled!

Baby kale and swiss chard.

Peas coming up (for the second time) through the extra four inches of soil I added to raise the beds.

Sick squash.  This is the third year this has happened.  Does anyone have any diagnosis for my poor squash?  I did add some compost and fish emulsion.  It didn't change anything.  :(


  1. Is it just turning yellow? Mine did that one year, nitrogen was low, adding it helped!

  2. You may be right, I'll have to try that. I wonder if I also planted them too early again this year. What did you add to yours for nitrogen? How many times? Once? Regularly? Thanks for the tip!