Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blender Salsa (aka, Lazy Salsa)

I decided I should blog about this recipe when my three year-old asked me to put some salsa on his apple.  It's really that good.  So I start with fresh tomatoes (you can use canned or frozen ones from last year, but the whole point of bothering with this is to celebrate the fresh ones as they come).  I got some green house local ones on Saturday, and they were seconds so they weren't too expensive either.  
Anyway, you just wash a few tomatoes and cut them in half and throw them in the blender.  Then you add cilantro (as much as you want, but at least a good handful), a chunk of onion (1/4?), a little clove of garlic, some jalapeno or other hot pepper (unless you have a child who cannot bear the slightest hint of heat), a little salt, and a little cumin.  Then you blend on low.  The beauty of this recipe is that then you're done!

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