Monday, November 15, 2010

Disclaimer: I've Been Sick, Not Just Lazy

I have been wanting to blog for quite some time, but I think the cold I got a week and a half ago just kicked my tail so badly that it just sapped my leftover mental energy.  The other day I sat down to blog after cooking a big meal for good friends, and I managed several unintelligent sentence fragments in a half hour and gave it up.  It was only today that I felt like I've been myself again with normal energy (which is ironic, since I slept really badly last night).  Anyway, after two weeks of not blogging, the pressure rises.  I feel like since I waited this long, I have to present something impressive to break my blogging "fast."  So this blog is simply to take the pressure off--it's my warm-up.  Here I go again.

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