Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why I am Becoming a Nut Regarding Plastics . . .

Look at this truly terrifying article about fish and the result of chemicals in our water supply (many of them chemicals that we consume or use daily).  I'll give away the punchline: Male fish are starting to produce eggs in many of our rivers because their hormones are out of whack from all the chemicals.  Wow.  No wonder I am becoming a nut.  (Some may be thinking at this point, "Becoming?  Val, really . . .")

 article:  "Toxic Stew"

If you're looking for ways to cut chemicals from every day living, I found this book really helpful.  It was somewhere to start for me, and the woman (while extreme in her lifestyle changes) was somewhat of a girly girl who liked her products but got concerned about what was in them and did research and changed a lot.  Anyway, it was helpful for me.

Happy Earth Day!
Hope the info is helpful.  Just thought I'd pass it on.  :)

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