Monday, March 8, 2010

"Fast Food"

So if you are ever having one of those nights when you just can't handle to make any cooking effort (like I had tonight) . . . here's a great one to try:

Polenta with Veggie/Tomato Topping

Veggie Topping Part:
Chop up kale or broccoli or something green into small pieces.
Chop up onion and/or garlic (if you're not pregnant and either sounds appealing).
Saute both.
Add several whole tomatoes (if in season), or a large can of diced, or a bag of frozen (if you are a late summer storage nut).
Add a can (or some cooked from dry that you have in the fridge) of any kind of light/white beans.
Add some shredded chicken (I like to keep some frozen in ice cubes after I boil a whole chicken) or tuna (opt.).
Add a little wine or broth if you like.
Salt and season to taste.
This part should really take 30 min. or less--real time, not cooking show time.

Polenta Part:
Slice up a Trader Joe's tube of polenta into thin slices (no more than 1/2" thick).
Fry first side (about 4 min.) until bottom is golden.
Flip, then put a little mozzarella type cheese on the top sides that are already fried.
Fry second side, cheese should melt somewhat.
This part should take real time 10 min.

Serve topping on the polenta.  Yum.

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