Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here comes the sun!

UEE (http://www.go-uee.com/) is a Philadelphia group starting a solar panel rental system as an alternative to PECO. We'll be renting panels at the current rate we have been paying for electricity with PECO for the next 20 years. That way our bills will stay the same in the coming years even as energy bills increase (as PECO warns is coming as soon as price caps are lifted). Hopefully we'll have them on our roof by September. (We just have to wait until 100 people are signed up so it will be viable). We definitely want to lock in prices before an increase comes. It's a really great system, well thought out. Food for thought in case anyone lives in the area and wants to keep electric prices down.
Our contact is Chris Metcalf at 610-639-0528 (Chris@Go-UEE.com)

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