Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Flooding in Santiago . . . Our Drive Home Yesterday

Yesterday we watched a high school girl's play-off soccer game that was called due to lightening.  Soon we were commenting on the bad drainage in the gym where we were taking refuge.  We clearly were not too concerned by the rain at that point, as you can see below.

When we got on the road, we were first fascinated by the water build-up, then concerned as we saw the level rising up the sides of the cars.  It must have rained close to a foot in an hour (by Owen's and my estimation) and the drains could not keep up.  

I have to confess, most of the pictures were taken before things got really interesting.  Once I really thought we might get stuck in the creek that the street had become, I got distracted from taking pictures.  At one point we had to pull into a gas station, and the water was up to the level of the foot board on the side of our SUV.  We considered staying there because it really looked like it was getting too deep to drive (we watched people lift up their moto out of the water to fill the gas tank), but then a submerged gas station didn't strike us as the safest place to get stranded and we went for it.  The kids swear they saw a floating car as Owen and I were navigating our way.

We talked to stranded co-workers until they got off the roads and we shop-vacced out our house and we thanked God that everyone was safe.  Needless to say, the kids enjoyed their supper on the couch in front of Wild Kratts (in a dry corner of the house).

Not a typical rain storm.

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