Wednesday, July 24, 2013

State Side Star Wars

We had an awesome visit to the states!  Here's our kids playing Star Wars with their cousins.  It was great to see family and friends, my kids were so excited about seeing their old friends and especially with playing with their cousins.  And I think I bought about two suitcases full of thrift and consignment store clothes.  And at least another one full of books (the boys are both reading chapter books and we really didn't have many at the house for them).  We had nasty virus and then strep throat for a good chunk of our time home, but still had a good visit (we finally saw a doctor a few days before we flew back to the DR).

We're back, we're getting into the swing of things again.  Our car battery was dead and our washing machine flooded a good section of the house the first load I tried to do, so that made things a little exciting, but we seem to be feeling home again and re-adapting well.  Spanish has stayed with us, contrary to my fears and despite almost no practice while we were in the states.  The all day heat takes some time to getting used to, it's really exhausting.  We were in air conditioning for those five weeks.

I owe my readers some blogs.  I'll get on it!  Sorry for the long silence.  :)

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