Friday, December 14, 2012


It's right around 70 degrees this morning, and boy, it's really chilly.  We all have on layers.  :)  It was definitely in the 60s last night.  We've really adjusted to the temperatures here.  I should add that I'm wearing capris, and say that it's supposed to go up to 80 this afternoon.  Christmas in the U.S. should be a little bracing for us.  I'm really excited to feel wintry, Christmas just isn't the same when it's hot and sunny.


  1. Val! I've loved reading your blog...glad you are doing well and coming home for Christmas. Hope we can chat while you are home! Love Deb H.

  2. I'd love to chat while I'm home! I can actually chat easily from here, though, too, b/c I have the same home phone number as before thanks to Magic Jack! :)