Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Full-Service Food Court

The Davis family hit the local mall to see what it was like and to have dinner at a Dominican style restaurant on Monday night (National holiday, no school).  It was my first experience with a full-service food court.  The waiter was extremely helpful and diligent.  And the food was way better than what I expect from a food court.  And the price was higher than I expected, too.  Not bank-breaking, but not the American food court experience.  They did have a Burger King.  I imagine that would be closer.  :)

They have a movie theater there.  I was shocked to see that The Hobbit is coming soon!  Owen tried to prepare me for the fact that it may already be in the states and back out again before we go home for Christmas (when I told him I plan to see it).  Please tell me that is not true!


  1. I am procrastinating like crazy.

    You're in luck, the release date for the Hobbit is December 14 (

    I don't understand, though. Didn't they already make this movie, like, three times?

  2. No, Katie! They made the trilogy that comes after it!!!