Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ta Da: The Photos!

Departure Day!

Getting ourselves together . . . 

Here we go!
 So I spared you all, and my self-respect, by not photographing the scenes of terror when we first arrived and had boxes and mess everywhere and this looked nothing like a home.  I do have to take more shots of the rooms as we get them finished up (mostly our bedroom and connected "nook" room still need some arranging).  But we are mostly unpacked at this point.  I thought it would be nice to show some daily life scenes in our new place.

Our dining room table (the kitchen and dining room are separated only by a counter) is where we eat our meals now.

Abigail doing paint by number--I was so proud by day three or four to have things unpacked enough that the kids could have more "normal" days.

The boys in their room with their legos.  They pretty much like it here because their legos are here.  We got back from vacation today where the kids had a blast on the beach, and Jesse told our downstairs neighbor, "It was a little bit fun, but not really fun, because there weren't any legos."

The boys with lego creations.

Abigail trying out things in her new room.

Abigail and Daddy post bath in the hall. 

The view from our kitchen window the other evening.  I saw a neighbor in one of those trees picking mangoes recently, it was so surreal.

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