Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beach Trip

We went "down the shore" as they say here in Philly (I am only just now catching on how to say it after living here for 12 years). We had a blast!

Abigail is really coming into her own--she is all about independence these days.

The boys were loving the beach, we all had a great time.

Jesse was much braver in the water this year.

Micah may as well be a fish.

Abigail cooperated by taking a lot of her naps on the beach. This one on Mommy's back.

We took a boat ride on the Skimmer again this year. Great trip!

Grandma showed Abigail some sights.

Grandpa with the boys, near the seagull nesting site.

The only picture of Abigail with both parents.

Micah and Jesse with "sea stars" (starfish are a thing of the past).

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