Tuesday, March 15, 2011


When I tell people that I've already been outside gardening for a good chunk of time this spring, they probably imagine that I've actually planted a good deal of seeds or plants.  But mostly what I mean by "gardening" is actually rock retrieval.  The former owners of my home decided that a nice rocky beach home look would really do it for the front yard.  And so I have spent days over the years just sifting handful after handful of rocks the size of grapes out of the soil.  Each spring I find that the freezes of winter have brought yet more rocks to the surface.  And each spring I head outside with seeds and seedlings only to leave them sitting day after day while I plod through rocky, rocky soil.  I must say I often think of the previous owners this time of year and wonder why they chose to do what is so very difficult to undo to achieve a look I feel was quite lacking in curb appeal.

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