Friday, September 24, 2010

A Summary of August and September

Due to general fatigue, blogging has been sadly sparse of late by certain green-stay-at-home-winter-veggie-storing moms.  This blogger wishes to apologize for her negligence.  I know each time one of you went hopefully to see what new insights, recipes, and quirky insights were posted here over the last few months, you were sorely disappointed.  So I thought a brief recap of the last few months were in order.

There was the beach, Avalon, NJ:

(and a birthday at the beach . . . well, four, actually . . . the boys and my parents)

There was homegrown goodness, eggplants did especially well.  The picture below shows veggies my enthusiastic young farmers harvested themselves when asked to look for tomatoes.  An interesting side note: Jesse has a hot pepper in that left hand.  The residue from that pepper when rubbed on his lips somehow burned the skin on and around his lips in an alarming fashion.  (Lesson learned: Warn children not to pick hot peppers.)

We got serious about biking.  OK, yes, those are training wheels and helmets, but you have to start somewhere.

Daddy and Grandpa snuck the boys off for ice cream.

And Abigail got even cuter.

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