Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still Here . . .

So this whole three kids thing is great but a little crazy.  I'm trying to figure out how to get my dishes unloaded and laundry done and nurse and not completely neglect my older kids.  They play well together, so it's actually tempting to let them raise themselves for now since I am stretched thin trying to meet everyone's needs. 

The beach was fun, though Abigail celebrated with a big case of gas.  That meant she had a lot of trouble nursing (ie screamed while I tried to get her to eat, and only ate in weird bouncing/walking around positions) and woke up a bunch at night. 

Micah was a little fish, and spent most of the time in the water.  Jesse wouldn't go in the water until about our third day there, but then he was right in there with his brother.  Abigail, it turns out, is a real natural in the water for her age.

Just kidding.

We're getting adjusted to being home again, Owen's parents stayed and helped a few days after we got back since Owen was gone at a back to work retreat.  Now we're flying solo again and I'm just so thankful the gas is better (I'm avoiding dark green and cruciferous veggies, and we're doing great).  That's Abigail's gas, in case that was unclear.

Sorry for all the disappointed web address checkers lately, I'll get back in the saddle soon . . .

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